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Sonnedix Privacy Policy
As part of our hiring processes, and to comply with employment laws, it is necessary for us to collect, maintain and process personal data. Personal data will primarily be collected from you directly. However, some personal data may, where lawful to do so, may be collected from third parties (e.g. previous employers) or publicly available information about you (e.g. from a LinkedIn profile if this has been made publicly available by you). Please note that you are under no obligation to provide Sonnedix with your personal data. Sonnedix may also process, where permitted by local law, information about you which is classified as sensitive (examples of sensitive personal data include: information about your racial or ethnic origin or religion or similar information but only insofar what is required or permitted by relevant laws, and any information necessary to support your employment). The processing of your sensitive personal data is conducted on the lawful basis that it is either necessary for the purposes of complying with any legal obligation in relation to your employment with us; and/or done only with your explicit consent (which may be refused or revoked at any time).We will keep your details on record until we have completely dealt with your application, or for the period of your employment, and then for a reasonable period afterwards, in accordance with data protection and other applicable legislation. If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, please contact us at